Looking Forward Logo

Looking Forward Logo

When my niece Etta Pittala first spoke to me about designing a logo for Looking Forward, she impressed upon me the need for it to most especially express the emotion of HOPE… of always “looking forward” to the next day… and that although this is a difficult road we may travel, tomorrow is waiting for us – the survivors.

The person standing on the road is androgynous. He/she has their arms uplifted in acceptance and also in supplication to a higher authority. The shadow that is cast on the ground forms a cross, respecting the One who suffered before us, showed us the way and demonstrated that we do not walk alone. The road has hills and valleys, indicating that some days may be harder than others. The colors are upbeat and positive, with the sun shining on us all the time… telling us to keep the faith and strive on, one day at a time, always looking forward. 

My niece fought the good fight of this terrible disease for 7 years, never flinching, never complaining and always remaining faithful. She succumbed on 9/11/2001. More than a niece or a friend, she was a hero to me and anyone who knew her.

On that day, when her family was there, the Bible at her bedside was book marked at the following passage:

… I have fought the good fight

I have finished the race,

I have kept the faith…

Second Timothy 4:7

Peter Esposito
Northford, Conn.

Looking Forward will be forever grateful for Etta’s dedication to the Looking Forward program.




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