Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition

At the McGivney Cancer Center, we view nutrition from a mind/body perspective and an integrative approach to nutritional counseling.  Lead by a registered dietitian, we teach patients how to integrate healthy eating habits during their treatment and recovery. To help the healthy habits to become more permanent, we use several proven techniques including mindfulness training, behavior modification, stress management, smoking cessation, and gentle exercise.  

Sessions include a review of vitamins, herbals, and supplements to determine benefit or harm during treatment.  All recommendations and guidelines are derived from evidence-based medicine. We provide patients with strategies to manage treatment-related nutrition problems through diet modification.  

Nutrition assessment and counseling

Nutrition is an essential ingredient for health.  It also provides comfort and pleasure.  Some cancer treatments, however, can challenge efforts at maintaining nutrition status and ability to enjoy foods.  At these times, nutritional care can become very complex.  We can help out with individualized nutrition assessment, counseling and education provided by a Registered Dietitian who works directly with your physicians.  Our approach to caring for and helping patients is “holistic,” which means caring for the mind and the body as a “whole.”  All of our recommendations are derived from “Evidence-Based Medicine” and involve large, sophisticated and respected scientific studies.

At our center, we also provide nutrition education sessions on a variety of topics.  Our goals are to enhance your understanding of nutrition guidelines as well as your nutrition status.  You will find seminars, retreats and programs with a nutrition component on the Looking Forward calendar. 

Ongoing nutrition classes

You can also attend nutrition education classes, Nutrition and You, at no cost.  These are held on the first Monday of the month at Noon at 175 Sherman Ave., 2nd floor.  Please call 789-3325 on the day of the class to confirm.


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