Lung Surgery

Lung Surgery

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No Connecticut hospital treats more lung cancer patients than the Hospital of Saint Raphael in New Haven. Patients travel from across the state and beyond its borders to be treated by our experienced physicians and top notch team of medical experts. 

We offer state-of-the-art treatment for lung cancer including minimally invasive surgery so that patients experience less pain, less blood loss and faster recovery.

After discussing your specific condition and needs with you, your surgeon will determine which procedure is best. The four most common are: 

  • Wedge resection: a lung biopsy
  • Segmentectomy: the removal of a portion of a lobe
  • Lobectomy: the removal of a single lobe of one lung
  • Pneumonectomy: the removal of an entire lung

A very effective treatment for lung cancer is Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) , also known as thoracoscopic lobectomy.  This procedure is performed at less than 20% of hospitals around the country.  What it is…

 – Precise procedure to remove a lobe of the lung
 – Uses three small incisions
 – Uses a fiberoptic thoracoscope that enhances visualization of the procedure through magnification of the image which is transmited to a video screen allowing surgeons to observe the flow of the operation

The biggest advantage of VATS over thoracotomy — a major incision into the chest — is that it is minimally invasive so that major chest wall muscles are not divided and ribs are not spread. This leads to:

 – Much less post-operative pain
 – Shorter hospital stay (averages only four days)
 – Earlier return to normal acitivity

Why Saint Raphael’s…

 – Surgical outcomes significantly better than U.S. averages
 – We are among the less than 20% of U.S. hospitals using VATS

CyberKnife® Radiosurgery:  for lung and other cancers.

What it is…

 – State-of-the-art treatment modality
 – Fewer risks and complications
 – Collaborative treatment between surgeons and radiation oncologists
 – Uses radiation-so no incision
 – No pain, no anesthesia and no recovery time
 – Generally out-patient treatment

Why Saint Raphael’s…

 – We’re one of the only hospitals in this region offering this advanced treatment

Other services

Your physician may also use Saint Raphael’s Pulmonary Function Lab as part of your diagnosis or treatment. Tests include evaluating respiratory disorders, including lung volumes and flow rates, diffusion studies, occupational and disability screening, arterial blood drawing and analysis, bronchial provocation and nutritional assessments.

You may also be a candidate for our LungLife pulmonary rehabilitation program.  It offers education and exercise classes for patients with a respiratory diagnosis, or who have had lung surgery.


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