Thanks to new state-of-the-art technology that precisely targets tumors with radiation, specialists at Saint Raphael’s Father Michael J. McGivney Center for Cancer Care are able to attack cancer with unprecedented accuracy.

The machine-which combines a CAT scanner with an electron beam to blast cancer cells-represents the next generation of cancer fighting tools. By targeting the tumors more accurately, the device helps ensure that clinicians are destroying the maximum number of cancer cells while doing as little as possible damage to the surrounding tissue.

The machine uses Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) to take highly accurate images of the body where tumors have been discovered. A linear accelerator built into the device generates a potent beam of cancer-killing radiation directly at the tumor. A laser guidance system is used to place the beam precisely on target.

The device also incorporates some of the newest technology available in the field-adaptive radiation-which enables doctors to vary the strength of the radiation as needed in response to changes in the tumor.

This newest addition to the McGivney Center’s three radiation accelerators is a $1.8 million replacement that was made possible by generous donations to the Saint Raphael Foundation’s Cancer Campaign.


Page last updated on Sep. 29, 2008