Bone and Joint Center

Bone and Joint Center


Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Janice Cashell of Bethlehem, CT played basketball and swam competitively in college and later enjoyed skiing, nature walks, horseback riding, and hiking before debilitating arthritis in her knee threatened to put an end to her active lifestyle.  Three months after total knee replacement surgery at the Hospital of Saint Raphael in New Haven, Janice was back to her normal level of activity. 

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Saint Raphael’s nationally recognized orthopedic physicians are doing their amazing work at a new Bone and Joint Center opened in July 2007. This 16,000-square-foot facility on the hospital’s Verdi 3 South floor was specially designed to meet the growing demand for joint replacements and the specific needs of orthopedic patients. The 24-bed, dedicated orthopedic unit is staffed by experienced clinicians who coordinate the full scope of services patients need to prepare for, undergo and recover from joint replacement surgery, and includes:

  • eight private rooms and eight semi-private rooms, each spacious and equipped with larger, handicapped accessible toilets
  • a large gym featuring new exercise equipment for physical therapy
  • a state-of-the-art conference room/classroom for patients and staff
  • two nutritional stations for patient use
  • a large family waiting area

The center is staffed by a team of doctors, nurses and other caregivers devoted to the care and needs of orthopedic patients. We attend not only to clinical needs, but to pain management, nutrition, and the emotional trauma caused by surgery.

To learn more about the Bone and Joint Center at Saint Raphael’s call 203-789-4140. To schedule a preoperative class, call 203-789-3258. For a physician referral, visit Need-a-Physician.

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