Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction

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Our commitment to patient satisfaction

We recognize you can choose your healthcare provider and we want to ensure your stay at the Hospital of Saint Raphael not only meets but exceeds your expectations, from the comfort of your room to the provision of your medical services.

Our Patient Relations Department is specially trained to help you and your family with any questions, concerns or issues you may have before, during or after your stay or visit. They can connect you with ancillary services, like translators, and ensure your special needs are being met.

“Service Ambassadors”, a select group of volunteers, visit and meet with patients throughout the hospital to check on the quality of your stay, answer questions and help with any unresolved issues. Please don’t hesitate to use these resources – they have been put in place specifically for our patients and their families.

Please share your experience with us

We care about your experience at the Hospital of Saint Rapahel and depend on your feedback to improve on our processes and services.  That’s why we use an outside third-party, Press Ganey, to send a random sampling of patients surveys every month asking for comments about their treatment at Saint Raphael’s.  Surveys are mailed to patient homes with a return envelope and can remain anonymous.

Below are samples of the surverys distributed for Emergency, Same-Day Surgery, and In-Patient (Admitted) patients.  We appreciate your participation in the survey should you be selected.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation with this effort. 

Same Day – Outpatient (Ambulatory) Surgery
Emergency Department
In-Patient (Staying Over)

View our latest Patient Satisfaction Report Card  (Oct 2010) 

Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey (or HCAHPS®)

The HCAHPS is a nationally standardized survey developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services  (CMS) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)* for measuring how patients perceive the care they receive in hospitals. The survey is intended to inform hospital managers and caregivers, among others, what patients think of their hospital care. Because it is standardized, it should allow comparison of care between and among hospitals across the country.

View the HCAHPS Comparison Data (Oct 2010) that shows results of publicly-reported inpatient survey questions for Saint Raphael’s and compares us to area hospitals.

*The AHRQ is a government agency that supports and conducts research that evaluates the effectiveness, quality, and value of healthcare in everyday settings, uncovering the evidence and developing the knowledge and tools that yield measurable improvements in quality.


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