da Vinci® Surgical System

da Vinci® Surgical System

A key member of Saint Raphael’s “technology team” is the amazing da Vinci surgical robot being used for prostate cancer and certain gynecological procedures. This state-of-the-art daVinci Surgical System offers eligible patients who might have needed traditional surgery a minimally invasive option with:

– Greater surgical precision
– Smaller incisions
– Fewer potential complications
– Less post-operative pain
– Faster recovery

During robotic surgery, surgeons apply the same principles of standard surgery, but with the help of three robotic “arms” can more easily access hard-to-reach areas. One of these arms holds a laparoscopic camera, and the two others (guided by the surgeon) perform the procedure with built-in instruments.

Each robotic arm has a full, 360-degree range of motion and can simulate a surgeon’s exact hand, wrist and finger movements. Saint Raphael surgeons who use the daVinci system have been specially trained to control the arms from a console . They’re guided by a computerized, 3-D vision system that — with the inserted camera — can magnify the surgical site up to 10 times its normal size. This enhanced vision gives surgeons an unobstructed view of internal body parts – some that until daVinci, have been difficult to see before.

Page last updated on Sep. 28, 2010