Lifeline FAQs

Lifeline FAQs

Q.  What is Lifeline?
A.  Lifeline is the most reliable 24-hour personal emergency response system available, providing help in the event of an emergency.

Q. How long has Saint Raphael’s offered Lifeline?
A. Saint Raphael’s has been offering the
Lifeline service for more than 25 years, serving individuals throughout the Greater New Haven area.

Q. What features does the Lifeline offer?
A. The Lifeline service includes a waterproof Personal Help Button (pendant or on wrist) and a two-way communicator “intercom” unit, which connects to the monitoring center at the push of the button. 

Q. How does Lifeline work?
A. Lifeline provides a direct connection to its dedicated Response Center staffed with specially trained responders who send help immediately, whether it’s neighbors, family or emergency services. Lifeline is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
To use Lifeline:

  • Simply push your Lifeline Personal Help Button.
  • A Lifeline Personal Response Associate answers, accesses your profile and evaluates your situation.
  • The Associate contacts a neighbor, family member or emergency service, depending on the situation, then follows up to ensure help arrives.

Q.How does the Lifeline equipment get installed in a subscriber’s home?
A.Helpful and courteous installers from the Saint Raphael’s Lifeline program provide equipment installation and instruction to new subscribers.

Q. Will the Lifeline unit work when the electricity goes out?
A.Yes. There is a back-up battery that will run up to 30 hours.

Q.Do I need to make a long-term commitment?
A.No. You rent the equipment on a month-to-month basis.

Q.If I have an emergency and need to be hospitalized, do I have to go to the Hospital of Saint Raphael?
A.No. You may go to any hospital of your choice.

Q. Who do I call if my Lifeline equipment needs service?
A. You call Saint Raphael’s Lifeline program and an appointment will be scheduled
at your convenience to service your equipment.

Q. What if I fall and can’t push my button?
A.The Hospital of Saint Raphael is pleased to offer Philips Lifeline® with the AutoAlert option. AutoAlert provides an added layer of protection. Your AutoAlert button will automatically place a call for help if a fall is detected and you can’t push your button.

Q. How can I find out more about Lifeline?
A.For more information, visit There’s also a Lifeline Self-Assessment Survey to help you or a loved one determine if the Lifeline service is right for you. You can also call Jennifer Cotter, Coordinator, at (203) 789-3938 or email
[email protected] .



Page last updated on Nov. 23, 2010