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In the November/December 2010 issue of Better Health:

Reconstructing lives through plastic surgery
After a long day of work as a long-term-care nurse, Therese Henry of Stratford was in agony. The cause of Henry’s pain and discomfort wasn’t her long day or the amount of time she spent on her feet – it was the size of her breasts, so heavy in a size EE cup that they made her “miserable.” She decided to research breast reduction surgery. Although many think of plastic surgery as solely cosmetic, plastic surgeons at the Hospital of Saint Raphael also play a major role in improving the quality of life for patients with a variety of debilitating conditions. New techniques and technology have provided new options for patients pursuing procedures like breast reduction and reconstruction, carpal and cubital tunnel surgery, and skin removal following weight-loss surgery. Learn more in the November/December issue of Better Health.

Teenage moodiness – or something more?
“Lisa” had always been a bright, articulate student with many friends and outside interests. When she began sleeping late every morning and isolating herself in her bedroom after school, her parents chalked it up to typical teenage behavior. But when her grades spiraled downward – and she became increasingly sullen and argumentative – they began to wonder if they were dealing with something more. Mental illness in teens can take many forms, including depression. Learn more about depression in teens and find out how the Hospital of Saint Raphael’s inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services can help children and adolescents at risk for depression and other illnesses get the treatment they need in the November/December issue of Better Health.

An innovative approach to cardiac catheterization
New technology at Saint Raphael’s is allowing cardiologists to use a different approach to get catheters to where they are needed for cardiac tests and treatments. Traditionally, physicians have used the large femoral artery in the leg to introduce catheters, but cardiologists at Saint Raphael’s are increasingly performing these procedures through the radial artery, the main blood vessel of the forearm. Learn about the benefits of this innovative approach in the November/December issue of Better Health.

Saint Raphael’s Auxiliary awards 2010 scholarships
The Auxiliary of the Hospital of Saint Raphael has awarded its 2010 scholarships to three local students pursuing careers in the health professions. Find out who the deserving students are in the November/December issue of Better Health.

A Survivor’s Story
Knee replacement restores active lifestyle

In a courtroom. Out and about in a foreign city. In front of an easel. Behind a camera. Kathleen Conway can typically be found in all of these places, but a bad knee nearly compromised her way of life. To maintain her active lifestyle, Conway underwent total knee replacement surgery at the Hospital of Saint Raphael in June.  Find out what prompted her decision to have the surgery and learn how it has improved her life in the November/December issue of Better Health.

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