Does Quick Fix Work? Full Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review & Submission Guide

In this full Quick Fix synthetic urine review, I’m going to tell you exactly that. It’s a complete guide on passing a drug test known using Quick Fix urine, any brand of fake urine. Learn exactly what Quick Fix is, and what’s in it. You’ll learn how complex it is and whether it can pass a modern drug test. I’ll put it up against the best in its class as a comparison.

I’ll give you full Quick Fix instructions, and explain the main reason why people fail drug test using synthetic urine. All that, plus will explain the different types of drug tests you can face, and when Quick Fix shouldn’t be used.

The end of this review will tell you where to buy Quick Fix, and compare it to a couple of more complex brands that could be better for the level of drug test you are facing.

What Exactly Is Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Synthetic Urine? 

Quick Fix synthetic urine has been around for 25 years. Made by a company called Spectrum Labs, it actually comes in two sizes. 

The standard size contains 2 fluid ounces of premixed urine. The larger side called “Plus”, contains 3 fluid ounces. There’s no other difference between them, so don’t think that the Plus version is any better. 

Quick Fix has been around for a long time and is often reassessed and updated. Currently, its formula is 6.3. So, although it’s a basic formula, they do assess it and tweak it based on the latest information about what the drug testing labs look for and the proportions they are expecting. 

What Type Of Drug Test Will Quick Fix Work For? 

To answer the question of how good Quick Fix synthetic could be for passing all levels of urine drug testing, we have to look at the composition: 

  • Balanced for ph. 

  • Within the correct specific gravity range 

  • Contains urea 

  • Contains uric acid 

  • Contains creatinine 

  • Looks like urine 

  • There’s enough about it to pass a basic drug test if it doesn’t undergo any additional scrutiny. 

    When you submit the sample, these are the steps it goes through to get the results: 

    1. Within two minutes of handing it over, they will test the temperature. Although urine exits the body at around 97°F – 100°F, to allow for two minutes of cooling, any temperature of between 90°F and 100°F is legal. If it fails this test, then they know it can’t be human and the sample is rejected. 

    1. When the sample passes the temperature check, it then has validity testing completed on it within a few hours. This primarily consists of testing the sample against panels to see how they react. These panels check the pH range, creatinine levels, and specific gravity range, and it also checks for the presence of obvious adulterants like nitrates. 

    1. As long as the sample passes the initial two checks, then it will be put through an immunoassay. This is where it’s tested against panels (panel drug test) to determine if they react for the presence of the drug metabolites the test is checking for (so, for five panel test, you will check for the presence of five substances). 

    1. If it fails immunoassay, and sometimes if it fails the validity test (often they will just reject it on a fails validity test), it will go for a full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis. However, this is incredibly rare because most poor samples drop out before this stage, and it’s expensive, so the drug testing labs don’t want to do it unless absolutely necessary. 

    So as you can see, Quick Fix really only has to be within the correct temperature range, and then the basics of its characteristics will get it through the validity checks. As long as there is no further suspicion, it should then pass a standard drug test. 

     Here’s What You Get When You Buy Quick Fix Urine 

    When you get your box of Quick Fix synthetic you may be slightly underwhelmed. But you have to remember this is about fake urine. 

    When you open the box, this is what you will find inside: 

    • Vial of premixed synthetic urine with a temperature strip on the side 

  • Heatpad 

  • Instruction leaflet 

  • Elastic band 

  • What really matters is the quality of the urine and the heatpad. The good news is that both of these are fair quality, and they are capable of maintaining the temperature and getting you through a basic level drug test. 

    How Complex Is Quick Fix? 

    As I’ve explained, Quick Fix is quite basic. Its complexity will just get you through a standard validity check. 

    Beyond that, it’s going to struggle. Compare it to the market leader, which has 14 chemicals found in human urine, against the three found in Quick Fix urine, and you can see why it could struggle under scrutiny. 

    Plus, the market leader looks like urine, froths like it because it contains albumin, and even smells like it. In contrast, Quick Fix “sort of” looks like urine. Good enough to be processed, but it won’t pass an intense visual inspection. 

    Does Quick Fix Work For Advanced Drug Testing? 

    Quick Fix is not going to pass an advanced drug test. It is not going to pass a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis. 

    However, this level of scrutiny is rare. But, if you know it’s an advanced test, more than the standard five panel test for something like pre-employment or on-the-job testing, then Quick Fix is probably not going to be advanced enough. 

    Quick Fix is cheap, but for an important test, you can trade up for better synthetic urine for not a huge outlay. 

    Full Quick Fix Instructions 

    You’ve got your box of Quick Fix, and you’ve got a drug test in 90 minutes’ time. Here are the instructions you need to follow to get it to the specimen cup within the correct temperature range: 

    1. The first step is to activate the heatpad. Do this just before you prepare the sample so that it’s heated and prewarmed. Then, when you strap it to the side of the sample, no heat will be lost from the sample due to the heatpad having to warm up. 

    1. Using either a microwave or running it under the hot tap, heat the sample up in small bursts. Keep them short, and check the temperature strip 30 seconds after each burst. You need to get a reading as close to 100°F as possible, but without going over. If you go above that, then you won’t get a reading and you could keep overheating it. 

    1. Once it’s within the correct temperature range, strap the heatpad to the sample. Don’t use the elastic band included, throw that away or ping it at a friend. Instead, use sticky tape. Two lots, one top, one bottom to ensure a good joint and a compact shape. 

    1. The final step before you leave is to conceal the synthetic urine sample. Tuck it into your underwear, right into the crotch, and put on baggy jogging bottoms. They can’t search you intimately, but they can pat you down. Concealing it there and not having any obvious signs means that you will not get caught. 

    1. Take a flask of hot water with you. Just before you enter the building, check the temperature. If it’s cooled and is it still well within the temperature range you need, use hot water to increase the temperature. 

    Quick Fix: Quest Diagnostics & LabCorp – Will It Pass? 

    Quest diagnostics and LabCorp at the biggest drug testing companies in America, so it stands to reason you’ll be wondering if Quick Fix urine could fool them both. When it comes to Quick Luck Quest diagnostics, yes it will pass. It’s the same with LabCorp. All that matters is the scrutiny the sample undergoes. 

    So, it doesn’t matter which testing company is handling the sample, what matters is that it isn’t put under any advanced scrutiny. This means submitting it within the correct temperature range. 

    Buying Quick Fix Locally & Where Not To Buy It Online 

    You can buy Quick Fix locally. It is available in some smoke shops and other local businesses. However, I wouldn’t advise you buy it from there and less you are really having an emergency situation. 

    For a start, you’re probably only getting the 2 fluid ounces size, rather than the plus size. I would advise you to get the plus size because some drug testing companies have realized that most fake urine comes in two fluid ounce sizes, and therefore ask for a larger sample than 2 fluid ounces. 

    Secondly, you will pay an inflated price. 20 or 30% higher than you can get it online. So unless it’s an emergency, I really wouldn’t shop locally to Quick Fix or any other drug testing products. 

     Where To Buy Quick Fix 6.3 Synthetic Urine 

     Quick Fix is best bought from the official reseller Quick Fix Synthetic. You’ll get the best price, and you know it’s fresh stock and not a fake. Don’t buy Quick Fix, or any other fake urine or detox drink, from general retail sites like Amazon and eBay. They are riddled with out-of-date stock, and outright fakes. 

    The standard size costs just $30, and Quick Fix plus costs $40. As I’ve said, get the larger size if it’s available so you don’t get caught out requiring a bigger sample than you are carrying. 

    Best Alternative: Sub Solution 

    Quick Fix is good enough to pass a basic drug test. As long as there’s no intense scrutiny or more advanced analysis, then Quick Fix should pass. 

    However, as well as the lack of complexity, you also have a problem with a heatpad. By its nature, it will kick out a more variable heat, and could kick out all its heat early. 

    The best alternative to Quick Fix that gets rid of both of these problems is Sub Solution. It costs $85 for 3 fluid ounces, but you are getting a far more complex synthetic urine: 

    • 14 chemicals found in urine 

    • Contains heat activator powder for close temperature control 

  • Looks, froths, and even smells like urine 

  • Annually updated formula 

  • The heat activator powder is the game changer. As well as the complexity of being able to pass high levels of scrutiny, the heat activator powder gets rid of the heatpad problem. 

    You don’t need to prepare the sample before you leave by getting it within the correct temperature range. When you arrive, before you go in, you tap in about one third of the heat activator powder, and then shake it until it dissolves completely. Then watch the temperature strip as it will lift the temperature. 

    If you don’t see a reading on the temperature strip, tap in a little more and repeat the process until you do. It gives you complete, granular, control over the heat of the sample before you go into submitting it. 

     Best Fake Urine On The Market: Quick Luck 

    Sub Solution is a step up from Quick Fix. But another Clear Choice synthetic urine is the best of the bunch overall. 

    Quick Luck is the upgraded version of Sub Solution. It’s more expensive, costing $100 for 3 fluid ounces. But for your money, you are getting the best fake urine you can buy. The advantage that Quick Luck has over Sub Solution is that it’s premixed. That means it’s perfect for preparation in just two minutes when using the heat activator powder. 

    You are paying for the combo of complexity, the fact it’s premixed, and the incredible versatility of the heat activator powder. The conclusion of this Quick Fix synthetic urine review is that Quick Fix does work, as long as it only faces normal scrutiny. 

    Also, don’t just rely on a heatpad. You will need to take a flask of water with you and ensure that you check the temperature just before you go in and submit your sample. 

    But, for a basic drug test, as long as things go smoothly, Quick Fix still works in 2022, and 2023, and I’m sure beyond that.